Pool Heating

Pools can be made warmer than you think in several ways:

Option 1 – Sunshine

Natural swimming pools with 50% or more shallow planting warm from the sun, hold heat well and sit at around 21C. They will often reach daily maximum air temperatures by the afternoon. Pools reached as high as 30C in 2014. Heating improves by increasing the shallow area; we can extend shallow areas significantly or even put in underground heat collection pipes.

Option 2 – Covering

Covering is the most cost-effective means of increasing pool temperature. Floating solar panel covers will significantly raise temperatures above air temperatures if sunny. Dark liners also attract the sun’s radiation up to four times more than light colours. They can be fitted to all types of pool except over the planted areas. This is much the best way for warmer swimming without high running costs. Solar covers cost £10 – £15,000. Hand reel-out black bubble covers are about £2,500 as a budget option.

Option 3 – Heat pumps

Heating natural water is absolutely fine up to 30C. Pools are most efficiently heated by an air source heat pump which can be run off solar panels. The swimming  area  should be covered  to make it viable. Costs are between  £6 – £12,000 for heater and £6 – £12,000 for an insulation cover. There are lower budget covering options available. (These costs exclude solar panels).