Our Clients

Abinger Hammer

“We had an existing swimming pond which was constructed 12 years ago by another firm.  Unfortunately the regeneration area had grown out of control and the filter system had failed.

Woodhouse recommended that we re-construct the pool as a Biotop Living Pool. In a very short time the water cleared and the solar cover did its job of heating the water to a comfortable temperature. We now have crystal clear pure water to swim in every day.  The maintenance is very simple and takes very little time. With the solar cover giving free heating, the pool costs very little to run.

Woodhouse’s staff were very helpful in taking us through the design stage and their installation team worked hard on site to create the best solution for us. The finished product is fantastic and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Woodhouse for their professional, helpful and friendly approach.”



“Will Woodhouse’s design fits perfectly into the natural contours of our garden. With his and his teams’ experience, the careful planning of the orientation, planting and landscape features of the pool have created a beautiful oasis, which has transformed the way we use the garden.

The whole family now “hangs out” around the pool. Our teenage children and their friends enjoying the various features; hot tub, thatched hut, boardwalk, beach, jumping rock and diving boards.

I was slightly concerned that the project might turn out as an expensive and chilly pond. However, the pure quality of the water, the natural setting and the addition of a wood fired hot tub for cooler days makes for a uniqely invigorating and natural experience. We are delighted.”




“Having our redundant swimming pool converted into a pure living pool has breathed life into a previously unused area of our home. Irrespective of the weather, the body of water is a feature and a beautiful area to relax in. The pool has a life of its own and supports beautiful plants, insects, amphibians and birds.

Paul, Bernd and the Woodhouse team were incredibly professional. From the design through to completion they fully understood and looked after our needs. As the pool establishes, Woodhouse have fully supported us and respond immediately to any concerns or questions about pool operation and care.”



“Our swimming pond was constructed on the site of a neglected pond in our garden. The building process coincided with difficult weather, but the staff remained cheerful and helpful throughout.

The completed pond has exceeded our expectations. It looks great and has been much admired and swum in on a daily basis from April to September.

Definitely one of the best things we have done with our home, all our family agree.”


“Fitting such a wonderful pool into my tiny garden was a feat I would have thought never possible, but here it is, looking stunning.”



“We have parties of youngsters round who thoroughly enjoy the natural swimming pool, it’s like being at the beach without the waves.”


“It was a technical challenge to integrate the tea garden into the existing rocky landscape because of the small space, the weight of the rocks and the precision with which many elements had to be constructed.

The Woodhouse team delivered an outstanding standard of craftmanship and were a pleasure to work with. My wife and I are delighted with the result.”



“From first discussions to our sitting down by the completed pool, Will and his people demonstrated attention to detail and commitment to a quality product.

The useful design suggestions, friendly team and a concern to work with as little disruption as possible, have contributed towards our delight with the finished pool.”

Eaton Bray

When we went to first see these clients they asked us “what sort of guarantee  could we give that this new type of pond pool would work?” We said “we absolutely guarantee that that our pond would make them very happy indeed”…..which it did!

Their verdict in one word? “Brilliant!”