Can you spot the difference?

23rd September 2016

Originally a clay dew pond 350sqm, this was excavated and converted using the existing clay on site to seal and raise the level to 650sqm pond for swimming in.

The cost for this is about half that  of building lined swimming pools. A giant skimmer and a limestone filter and underwater grass are starting already to make a clear impact in its first season. The wooden jetty and island sit on piles driven straight into the clay.

When it rains it is topped up from a pump fitted in a drainage ditch sump. This works extremely well and there have been no problems with water levels or algae with this method. It is pure and clear like a chalk stream.

When we went to first see the clients they asked us ‘what sort of guarantee  could we give that this new type of pond pool would work?’ We said ‘we absolutely guarantee that that our pond would make them very happy indeed’…..which it did!


Some pictures of the construction phase

As to the question of the difference between the two pics, we will let the client answer that:

“Well, could you see the difference? 
Yes, the boat has moved from resting on the tree to laying on the lawn by the house. 
Brilliant job!
Best wishes”
Marie and Richard